September 25, 2012
By Anonymous

I know she has been drinking,
My life I can’t stop it from sinking,
I hear her scream and yell,
When this terror will end I cannot tell,
Not a soul knows of my pain,
I’ve felt it for so long I’ve gone insane,
I stand here scared and shaking,
She says it is my future she is shaping,
I sleep in the basement,
For that place is my in casement,
I have nothing to sleep on,
I get up early and work till the break of dawn,
I try my best to keep her happy,
But if I don’t she will slap me,
No one at school knows of this,
I can’t recall the last time mama gave me a kiss,
I clean all day,
But if I don’t for I will surely pay,
Even when I do the beatings still come,
Oh mama what have I done,
To make you beat me like this,
For it’s the old you that I miss,
I don’t understand what made you change,
To me this house is my cage,
When I leave I feel so free,
Knowing that when I get home you will be mad at me,
For what I do not know,
Maybe that’s how your love shows,
Where is the old mama I used to love,
Has god taken her with him up above,
I always wonder how much more of this I can take,
For god’s sake,
I’m lying here bleeding,
Is it my death you are seeking,
From your blows I fall,
Wishing that there is someone I can call,
Someone that I may confide this secret,
Someone who I know will keep it,
I don’t wish to get mama in trouble,
For if I do her life will crumble,
When I’m alone I get on my knees and pray,
Wishing there was someone of this I could say,
Then I hear a voice,
I wonder if this is by choice,
It says to me,
My dear child can’t you see,
Not only are you my child but my friend,
For this is surly not the end,
There is a thing called the abuse victim hotline,
All of this will turn out just fine,
For there is someone I will send,
They will take you and your broken bones they will mend,
For this place you will leave behind.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for all the abuse children.

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