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October 2, 2012
By GoofyLove34 BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
GoofyLove34 BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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"I never had height, but boy I always had heart" lil Wayne

I'm From loud screams shrieks and shouts.From the time I was once in walker and try to drink my grandpa's beer that he left on the table after he went to the bathroom.I'm from the familiar Blue bricked drama filled school to being picked on because I was so light, from laughter, fights, accidents, death and even hate. I'm from broccoli and cheese to watermelon to ramen noodles sometimes eaten raw, to looking out my window watching cars with their bombing sound. Where I'm from is reading in the stark silence and darkness of my room with music of every kind booming, and singing out loud with a room full of people when I know how bad I sound. I come from pain, obstacles of death and tears, from drawing with an artistic love. From an EvaneScence, Paramore, Linkin Park, hip-hop and rap. I come from a long tradition that I hate; almost all of our names start with "j" and hoards of thing from the 20s. I'm from being goofy, quiet and sneaky, to watching Pokémon, W.I.T.C.H, Winx Club, sonic X, teenage mutant ninja turtles, to Boomdocks to South Park to Dora so I could learn spanish and every Disney movie ever made. I'm from the time when theNintendo Game Boy was still out to Xbox kinect to me.

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