Athena's necklace

September 30, 2012
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Ring, ring
Sitting on the dresser, the alarm is singing its usual morning tune
She jumps out of bed like a kangaroo, rushing
She grabs me as I can feel her delicate fingers wrapping me around her neck
Her hands are as cold as a snowy mountain with sparkling, soft snow
Giving me chills all over
I am a fragile newborn baby in her eyes
The prize her father Zeus gave her since birth
I am a part of her, the fluorescent jade green jewel glued on her
The color that is the shade of her mysterious, light green eyes
Me being through the good and bad times
The grueling sight of people slain in war before my eyes
Tormenting memories of darkness with images still there
She wears power on her neck as she is fighting
Giving her an uplift of wisdom, courage, and strength
I am the firefly shining fearlessly even in the light
Shining with power in good and evil
I am one with Athena, the warrior goddess

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