nothing but words

September 24, 2012
By inferno321 SILVER, Oxon Hill, Maryland
inferno321 SILVER, Oxon Hill, Maryland
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watch as the beauty of nothing take over everything and fill you with a lonely curse. nothing fills your heart with regret and memories of our past. you feel wrong for what you did. the pain, the hopelessness of another person tears fall down your face. but it anger you because you know im also wrong. the pain fill your head with change...change is what you want...can change really alternate the past. you want better but your words is the same as what fills your heart. change is determination, determination is what fills your eyes with a reson...a reason something will happen if you get off your knees and try. comments from others fly to your ear like headphones and music. do yo see them? do you see them with your eyes or ears? their watching you. their using each other eyes to follow you. why find a way to listen to them when proving them wrong is better than life? their words wonder in your head like paper in the wind. the moon divorce the stars when the clouds interfere. the sun trade places to show the way to your success but will that be enough? will you determination show you the way?

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