There is A Crown For Me

September 24, 2012
By bresweeti SILVER, Belleville, Michigan
bresweeti SILVER, Belleville, Michigan
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Say what you want, say what you will.
There is a crown for me.
I've been through sunny days, mountains, and hills.
But there is a crown for me.
I'm not perfect, i make mistakes
Chains i thought i couldn't break.
but he said he will never leave me nor forsake.
so every opportunity he gives me, i take to make myself awake,
because there is a crown for me.
I am God's child, i am royalty.
mm, you tell me how that sounds.
Although i have my ups and my downs,
nothing will stop me from getting my crown.
For there is a crown for me.
so judge me all you want, that is irrelevant to me.
Because the me that I'm gonna be, is the me i want God to see and say he is pleased, because in the end
there is a crown for me.

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