The Edge

September 23, 2012
Here we sit on the edge
Looking over the abyss
Staring at toes and beyond
The last kiss of darkness

Here we sit on the tip
Looking out at the end
Staring at the end of the cliff
Life’s final bend

But is it the end?
This look to iron jaws?
This look to unknown claws?
This peek at bloody gauze?

Is it the end?
For the ones that leaped?
For the ones that danced
On air on falling feet?

Did they know what happened
As they flew to the close
As they flew to the dirt
As the light came so close?

Did they feel the burst
Of air in their chests
Of oxygen passing
Breaths last and best?

Did they open their eyes
To the scenery they passed?
Did they soak it all in
The sights to be their last?

We don’t know
Because they tell no more tails
But we hold on
Their spirits in the gale

We hold on
Determined not to end
As the kids who sat
Staring down at the edge

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