The Goddess's Tale

September 21, 2012
I met a fallen goddess yesterday
Her wheezing, smog-black breathing soft and weak
In her gold hair a dripping oily streak
Her once-blue crystal eyes a rotting gray.
She told me how the children used to play
When sun and breeze and shade was all they’d seek
But now, their listless gazes dull and bleak,
They sit by a computer screen all day.
Her tattered dress a faded memory
Of luscious greens, of colors bright and bold.
She prayed someday, the blinded world could see
Her trembling arms, so tired, frail, and old.
But if it never does, she said to me
At least her final tale will have been told.

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Nopride4531 said...
Apr. 30, 2013 at 9:08 am
Brilliant!!!!!!!! I loved the way you structured it! That line "...the children used to play..." Really struck deep because it reminded me of not only myself as a child, but other kids today and how they don't play outside. You could argue that they're afraid to play outside, what with all these stories about pedophiles and whatnot. It raises a good question: is technology safer for children or not? Great article!!!!! -Nopride
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