I Am...

September 22, 2012
I am but a fleck of dust
Drifting in the breeze.
A bit of puff
A speck of fluff
Enamored by the ease
That comes with falling for a person
With grace and wit and charm
The feeling of naïveté
That he can do no harm.

But close behind infatuation
Is hurt and pain and longing.
An ache that pounds and sears its way
Into a heart engulfed by burning.
The twisting torment of mourning love
Unrequited and unknown
By the object of my affections
Who engrosses me to the bone.

I am now a heavy weight
Sunk down to the depths of the sea.
Amidst the dark and crushing pressure
Among the cold and weak.
Whose love have starved and shriveled
Due to lack of proper care
Neglected and deprived of
Love and light and air.

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