August 31, 2012
By S.E.Winters BRONZE, Cohocton, New York
S.E.Winters BRONZE, Cohocton, New York
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Remember those days when we were young
Everything we did was just for fun
Through all those times I sought out happiness
Now sitting here in this empty room
Talking to the imaginary version of you
All I wanted was the truth
What did I do to become so unwanted
Memories of you that’s why I’m haunted
When friends become strangers
That’s when the game hurts
Please stop this now before it gets worse
Drifting away through the wind
Wanting a new life to begin
This cold stormy life
Will soon be ended by a knife
I’m dying inside
Every day it gets worse
Please don’t send me down there
I’m sorry that I’m cursed
As I drift away into eternal sleep
I’ll leave my dreams for you to keep

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