The Quest to Candyland

September 18, 2012
By Jessica Loob BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
Jessica Loob BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
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The Quest to Candy Land
Jessica Loob

Frosties, Slurpees, ICCEES, ice cream
Slurp them down, make your head scream!
Good any day, hard to resist
Tastes you never knew could exist!
Chocolate pie, marshmallow puff
Waistlines full of fluff
Expanding belts, muffin tops
Candy canes, lollipops
Feet and feet of licorice rope
Caramel bits the size of soap
Gumdrop buttons, trails of cherries
Amount of sweets that make you merry
Gummy bears, sugarplum fairy
Doctors say eat more dairy
What to expect is nothing but plain
Good diets going down the drain
What was so had not been planned
I had found myself in a Candy land!

The author's comments:
I had to write this poem for my English Class. I had a big craving for frozen yogurt, so it inspired me to write about this topic!

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