I Remember

September 19, 2012
By SapphireLamour DIAMOND, Omaha, Nebraska
SapphireLamour DIAMOND, Omaha, Nebraska
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I remember the time you loved me, the time I loved you not.
I remember the day you asked me to say yes, the day I said no.
I remember when you begged me to stay, the time I left.
I remember how you begged me to love you, though I could not.
I remember when you walked away, when I restrained myself from sobbing at your feet.
I remember when you played only sad songs to torment me, when I wished I had never been born if that would stop your pain.
I remember how I was so afraid, though I still did what had to be done.
I remember how you croaked for me to come in, how my heart quickened its rapid pace.
I remember when I could not say what I longed to tell you, when you still understood from all that was in my face.
I remember when you pulled me to you, when I felt a spark of hope and something more.
I remember the time you first kissed me, the time I kissed you back.

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