Hannah's Poem

September 12, 2012
By TheLimitlessWords BRONZE, Danbury, Connecticut
TheLimitlessWords BRONZE, Danbury, Connecticut
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Put down the blades

Close your eyes

Open your ears

Experience the silence

Hear the limitless words that shakily escape my lips

Shake off the hate that you feel linger through the halls

Close your ears

Feel your safety from the ignorance

I hear my words hit the surface of the space
between us

Do they mean anything?

You’re too beautiful to feel such pain

The scars you hide are battle wounds

Bravery shifts itself into a shield, but it weakens everyday

The silent rush fills you. It surrounds you, and it takes over

You’re fading into the darkness

I reach for you to pull you to safety

The words reluctantly whisper themselves from your lips

Targeted directly

They hit like a ton of bricks

Recovery Starts

I reach for you and pull you to safety

I believe in you

The author's comments:
For anyone feeling so bad about themselves that they self harm or have suicidal thoughts, it does get better. I will reach for you and pull you to safety. You're not alone.

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