"Tin Tin the Kitten"

September 17, 2012
By PaintedWings13 BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
PaintedWings13 BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
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This story is about a kitten named Tin Tin.
He had lots of fur and he loved to purr.
He was much like ordinary cats except he loved hats.
Yes, this little Tin Tin was quite the kitten.

When given the chance Tin Tin will dance.
It’s obvious this kitten has talent.
After all he has paws for feet but he has an amazing beat.
As the music plays he jumps and sways.
Yes, this little Tin Tin is quite the kitten.

Tin Tin is a good kitten.
He always drank his milk
And then he would lie on Elizabeth’s blouse of silk.
He had a favorite treat that always brought him to his feet.
He loved the taste of apple pie, but nobody really knows why.
Yes, this little Tin Tin is quite the kitten.

He can be quite mischievous and somewhat devious.
He chews on the laces of all the shoes.
When romping in the house he sometimes finds a mouse.
And to much surprise he is a cat who likes to disguise.
He is very tame when you call his name.
To not know him would be quite a shame.
Oh this little Tin Tin is quite the kitten.

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