August 1, 2008
By Chelsea Clark, Missouri City, TX


Black beauty

Staining my cheeks

Falling down

The ground they seek

I wasnʼt ready

For all of the pain

I wash it away

Beauty goes down the drain

Last day

Excitement reigns

Pasted on smile

Happiness feigned

Didnʼt even say goodbye

You were too busy to see

Painful memories

Your arms around me

A feeling of safety

Warmth and love

Tears falling down

My beauty is smudged

Black circles

Surrounding my eyes

Smudged beauty

That comes when I cry

I donʼt even know

How long It will last

Until I see you again

All I have is the past

Your smile

Stupid jokes

How it felt when we kissed

So many things about you that I miss

The notes about nothing

And everything

The way you were shy

When I asked you to sing

Those times that we shared

Together as one

Somehow I feel

That now it is done

The curtain has fallen

On our little show

True love

Never got the chance to grow

Wiping away

The mask that I wore

Putting it behind me

Locking this door

One month

Pure bliss

My first love

My first kiss

So much you gave me

So much you took

Beginning a new chapter

In my lifeʼs book

This one is called Loving

A hard thing to do

Will never know

Who will be true

Moving on

Getting past

All the turmoil inside

Moving up

Like the water

In a rising tide

Pushing through

Pressing on

Letting go

Of the pain

Reapplying the beauty

Wonʼt be smudged again

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This article has 2 comments.

Erika C. said...
on Aug. 13 2008 at 5:34 pm
that's amazing... i love it.

it flows really well, and the imagery is great.

i think you could maybe work on the middle section of the second stanza...

maybe play with your syllable count. it doesn't quite flow as nicely as the rest of the poem does.

but GREAT job! you're really an amazing writer.

Samrock6590 said...
on Aug. 13 2008 at 2:39 am
Wow,bravo.. That was touching.


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