My Guardian Angel

August 1, 2008
By Lily Viek, Oakland, CA

I'll tell you about my hero
She is kind and sweet
This girl's name is Lorna
She is someone you'd want to meet

She is someone I look up to
Someone who can see
Everything I go through
She is always there for me

When life is at its worst
She is my light of joy
She is smart and sometimes outgoing
But usually quiet and coy

Lorna is my hero
My guardian angel and my friend
She is also my older "sister"
And will be there for me 'til the end

My hero does not fear life
She does not fear death either
Even though she doesn't believe in everything
She can still be considered a believer

My guardian angel simply lives her life
And will really leave me never
My best friend does not want me hurt
She will protect me forever and ever

My hero
My Guardian Angel
My best friend
My sister

I love you
I thank you
I need you
I'll miss you

You will be leaving soon
Watching me from afar
I will miss you a lot
And keep you in my heart

I do not wish for you to leave
I'd like you to stay forever
But I know as time moves on
Things change, usually for the better

Though it wouldn't be right
If I had my way
I beg and plead
For you to stay

But I know I must grow up
And let you leave
For I am not the only one growing
You have a new life you need to lead

My last few lines of this poem
They are the most meaningful
My last few lines
Are these few words"

Thank you for always being there for me
Thank you for being here for me 'til the end
Thank you for caring so much
Thank you for being my guardian angel, my hero, my sister, my friend.

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The author's comments:
I wrote this poem in 2007 for my friend Lorna. I miss her.

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