Ode to the Floor

September 16, 2012
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Oh floor, how used and abused you must feel,
When people stomp on you with their heel.
You let people walk all over you with dirt covered feet.
How you must cringe when you and a child's foot meet.
Yet even through all of your pain,
You never get mad or go mentally insane,
When everyone ignores the hard work you do,
And the only time you were noticed was when you were new.
I bet you love the feeling of being swept clean,
But you feel neglected when some dirt is never seen.
The only thing you ever really see is the ceiling,
And the thought of bugs being crushed on you is not appealing.
You must be tired of holding the world's weight,
But you can't stop now, it's far too late.
If you quit now, the whole world would fall,
And there would be no buildings left at all.

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