A second chance at friendship

August 1, 2008
By Crystal Vis, Colorado Springs, CO

I once had a friend
Who was one of a kind
The type of friend you search for
But is often hard to find

Our wills were strong
Our friendship stronger..
Though sadly, now
We're friends no longer..

This friend of mine
Who was one of a kind
Who was smart and sweet
Who always spoke his mind

He's been silent for years,
Remains silent to this day
And I still struggle
For the right words to say

How do you tell someone
Who has been silent for so long
That their absence still pains you
That it still feels so wrong..

Never have I had
A friend as amazing as you
One who was always there
Always loving, always true

I cared for you, my friend
More than you could ever know
And my gratitude towards you
I could never fully show

You made my days brighter,
Just knowing that you were there
And foolishly I believed
Nothing could cause you not to care

Where did those days go
When we were the best of friends?
When nothing could come between us?
When it was me and you to the end?

I haven't forgotten the way
You always made me smile
Or how when we didn't talk..
It was only for a little while

Time and time again
I'm forced ro reminisce
And time and time again
It's your friendship I dearly miss

I miss your voice
And the kind words you always spoke
I miss how you were the first thing
On my mind when I awoke

I miss how our conversations
lasted for hours on the phone
I miss the way you made me feel
I would never be alone

I miss every memory
We ever grew to share
I miss the way we used to be
And I wish you could still care...

I wonder if a severed bond,
Could possibly ever mend..
I wonder is it possible
To be friends again in the end..

You remain in my thoughts
And forever in my heart
Your face imprinted in my memory
Like a timeless work of art

The author's comments:
When I was younger, I had a big falling out with one of the best friends I ever had. I wrote him this poem years later, in hopes to reconnect and try to become friends again.

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