The Day I Died

August 1, 2008
By Susan2010 BRONZE, Sharon, Pennsylvania
Susan2010 BRONZE, Sharon, Pennsylvania
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The Day I Died

The day I died was a rainy day: it was a low temperature and it was said that it would be until the next day. The cause of death was a heart broken, and there was nothing the doctors, my family, or friends could do about it. It would take extreme measures to cure my heart. My pain couldn’t relate to anything anyone went through it was the fact that I was so sick of the sorrows of being were I was at a point in life where no one had faith in me; my family I loved the most feared me and it was all because of a traitor. A person whom was manipulative and aggressive, had no remorse for nothing or no one. I wish I could come back and put this person where they need to be, but I am too afraid to face this I want to live again but my heart won’t let me.

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