Thunder, Laughter, and Puddle Baggage

August 1, 2008
By Anonymous

i remember
days of laughter and thunder
as a young girl
the ironic twist only a child could appreciate
when sitting inside and listening
to your verses
was all there was to do

poetry spoken
to nature's beat
so irregular
you never knew what word would be
by the crushing sound

i grew to love
the surprise of it all
the drama
the irregular strikes
that could flash at any time

i watched your lips
mouth each word
so carefully
sprinkled tastefully
with phrases
and sounds
that made me forget
the storm right outside
and a flash of thunder
would surprise us both
as we hid under the table
shrieking with laughter

now i look back
on all that has happened
between us
poems ripped apart
doused in rain
or tears
and i remember you

despite the lies and insults
i endured
as i grew older

i don't know
if i really loved poetry
or if i just loved you
my heart fluttered in my chest
as you read each line
and looked at me
and older boy
merely gazing upon
an admirer’s hopeful face
you adored me
but i was just a little girl

it makes me wonder
if i really ever enjoyed your presence
or it was just a dream
plucked out of the hazy depths
of this insanity
and i can't help but hate
the girl who you are reading to right now
doomed to your profound charm
soon you will be gone
off into the big world
another mind weeping for your

even thunder fades away
and rain stops
puddles dry up
just baggage from a past storm
i love you
but i don't need you
my pen moves to thunder's rhythm
i write my own poems

The author's comments:
This is based on the common infatuation of teenagers: love and loss. In this case however, the love is not only the boy, it is poetry.

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