Reaper's Lullaby

September 15, 2012
By SGNox SILVER, Timberlake, North Carolina
SGNox SILVER, Timberlake, North Carolina
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'The stars are always there, but we miss them in the dirt and clouds and we miss them in the storms. Tell them to remember hope. We have Hope.' - Renee Yohe

Hand in hand with that reaper to whom she'll soon be wed
Through fields upon fields of dying daisies walks this devil's bride
Full of light and joy, no room for morning here in her innocent eyes
Somber and solemn, a tomb in a column, death welcomes her in the end

He guides her to the land of the lonely where joy and sorrow combine
Everything is the same here, but everyone has their time
A broken heart can hence be healed, even the dead can forget their pride
Not everything beautiful that can happen strikes while you're alive

The royal wedding lies not far from her short life's final setting
A battle of ground of mist and honor where her heart took its final beating
A funeral was held above in the world of those who were still alive
A wedding march with a funeral mass from where her shattered remains lie

She escorts herself down the aisle in her long white wedding gown
The groom waiting for his bride to whom he'll now be bound
Their tokens of love set forth to the world; two hearts forever broken
Even in the world of the dead, love is a powerful token

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