What my heart forgot my body remembers

July 31, 2008
By Bousso Mbaye, New York, NY

Lust has taken over loves kingdom and redecorated so subtly that I'm just now noticing that fantasies of your kiss are more consistent than flashes of your face
Sound waves of moans reach me at a quicker pace than waves of intimate conversation
I used to find myself swimming within the depths of your eyes, now I'm merely floating on the shallow desires of your lips
As caressing past my inner self without use of your hands became reduced to barely scratching my surface with your fingertips
I’d ask you what’s happening but I’m afraid you might not hold any answers
Afraid there’d only be silence cause silence loves company but our emotions seem not to
Between the lines of what’s been covered the reality is that we can no longer fill in the gaps with each other so my heart forgot you.
And these frequent attempts at relinquishing the past are only because our bodies tend to cling to what’s familiar and we willingly give into half-assed romance….dwelling
On what used to be lifetimes of passion but is now splintered into seconds of tenderness
And I find myself willing to share
Inter locking denial with false accusations that life is better with you there even though I know that I’m only the pick of the moment
But it’s a moment worth grasping onto over horizons of college colored dorms
Especially if looking into my eyes once meant that you’d be staring at the body of love if it had a form….
Now I can no longer meet your gaze. Scared you’ll only see yearning
Echoes of love are written on single pages but for lust they keep turning
I find myself ill at ease, tossing and turning
Wondering where has the love gone that those lonesome hearts used to fight about?
What happened to scribbling our names in ink because the love would still remain beneath white out
And the saddest of all is that I can’t say I'm sad about it because chains are heavier
Than cuffed hands and while I enjoyed being captivated your back on me has my pride bidding for freedom
Bidding you to let me go without realizing that you did before either of us consented
So instead of resenting you for broken promises and tender less touches I find it more fulfilling to let go too.

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