The dance

September 15, 2012
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The dance is hard but you must learn
Every step and every turn
You can’t step once out of time
You can’t do anything but sublime

You have to put on the greatest show
Make them all believe you know
The best way, through and through
Make them believe what isn’t true

You see that’s what society wants
Lies about the typing font
They want the script to be their way
So please them all or you will pay

The scary part is yet to come
And that is when your dance is done
You still must have a way to show
All things are right, that you know

You’ve got to show them you’re okay
Or criticism comes your way
Every pain shows weakness to them
So put on a smile and dance again

Exhaustion is a weakness too
So show your best and make it through
Prepare yourself to go again
Because they’ll try to make you break for them

You can’t let them see the edges fray
Can’t let them find the seams of your way
They’ll rip them apart, break the thread
Break you down, get in your head

And once there in its your own end
They’ll find your roots and make them bend
Eventually they’ll pull them free
And then you’re what you used to be

Undefended, helpless, small
And only then will you be shown to all
As what you really are inside
And you’ve no place to run and hide

Accept your fate, it’s sure to come
But that’s what we’re all rising from
Like the phoenix we’re reborn from ash
And then we grow our true feathers of flash

The real true us, too weak before
Now stands strong immune to spore
They used to poison you, back then
But you’ve come so very far from them

You now are really what was meant
When you were made, this was the intent
That you’d be great, amazing, strong
And the one who made you is never wrong

You’ve made it to the preset goal
Now all that’s left is to keep it full
Grow beyond your first big dreams
See what you can really be

With all that you have now achieved
They’ll stand in shame for what they first believed
You’ve proved them wrong, you’ve done right
Go live your life, you’ve won the fight

Do all you wanted and them some more
There are so many great things life has in store
But one quick favor before you leave
Don’t ever forget what you used to be

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