Peter Pan

July 31, 2008
"Second star to the right,
And straight on ‘till morning,”
He promises me.
He’s sprinkled the dust,
Already taught me to believe in my dreams.
He takes my hand and winks at me.
“You’ll be a child forever,” he says
“Never a grown-up.”
He’s uttered my greatest fear,
And my greatest wish
All in the same breath.
When I look at him I see it,
That childhood innocence,
A spark,
That’s beginning to fade from me.
He’s magical in his ignorance.
Of the world, of life, and of human nature,
He knows nothing.
He’s a sparkling star in the form of a child,
Full of mischief, wonder, and fantasy.
My feet rise from the floor.
He’s teaching me to fly,
Defying gravity
By the grace of magic.
He tells me,
“You have to believe!”
I close my eyes,
And drink in this feeling,
Of weightlessness, freedom, and youth.
I rise higher into the room,
And reach out to touch the ceiling,
The boundary to my thoughts.
Were dancing on the walls now,
Making footprints in the air.
We squeeze each others’ hands in excitement,
And tells me about Neverland.
Its A place I’ve always wanted to visit,
But never been able to reach.
Morning comes and dreams are done,
Over before I arrive.
He describes it all,
Making me craVe his blessed immortality.
The mermaids, the crocodile, the Indian princess, the lost boys;
I’m enchanted.
He whispers his story in my ear,
There is his spark again.
This time I can feel it,
Radiating from his lips
Down to his fingertips.
He’s adventurous and brave,
The way all children are
Before adolescence takes hold,
And adulthood sets in.
I’ve found my fountain of youth
In this shining little boy.
“Are you ready?”
He asks me, grinning.
“I’m ready!”
Oh so ready
To leave time behind.
You told me to be real,
But I don’t live in reality anymore,
I’m forsaking it for make-believe.
I live in my dreams,
In the space between spaces,
Where time is insignificant.
And childhood is everything
So onward we fly.
Out the window.
Second star to the right,
And straight on ‘till morning.

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inkblot13 said...
Jun. 1, 2012 at 8:14 pm
This is beautiful, great 'word-weaving'!
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