The Fears

September 15, 2012
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As the beginning sun starts to fall,
And the whispers of the twilight come and go.
The shadows of the moon grow crooked and tall.
And into the cave our hearts we stowe.

Living and loving; perhaps both are lost
In the emptiness of that cave.
In the storm of our hearts are we tossed,
While behind the moon's smile they wait.

They await our failure and our pain.
They feed off it, like a drug.
They feel they have something to gain,
As they, at our hearts, tug.

They pull and wrench.
We scream and cry.
They stop and laugh.
Is it time to die?

The answer comes with the morning light,
As we struggle to our feet.
The shifting fears blot our sight,
But each one we need to defeat.

For if we let fear into the cave,
Where each of our fragile hearts lie.
We will pave a road of constant death,
For there we will eternally lie.

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