i dont love you

September 15, 2012
By Anonymous

its so over now
I'm so done with you
i cant take this
anymore, no no
and your driving me crazy
with your pleas and "sorry"
but i am not that stupid or naive
because i know...

your only sorry you got caught
sorry you wont get me anymore
yeah, aren't sorry enough
to really change
or be a better person
yeah, you cant learn your lesson
but Ive run out of second chances
for you; cant do this anymore
I'm done, i don't love you.

see? i can be cold too
pushing me around
does it really make you
feel like a man or stronger
i hate you; and your cunning
smile that gets everything
you think your smarter
think you've got me cornered
think I'm wrapped around your finger
but you've never been more wrong
because I'm...well...long gone
yeah, yeah!

take a step backwards
fall into a ditch
and go away
I'm free, away you my captor
I'm a free woman as of today.
I'm free anyway.
and i don't love you.

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