Perfectly Together

July 31, 2008
When leaving you crosses my mind
A place in my heart you search for and find
With every tears that falls from your face
I know im supposed to be here in this place
In your arms, holding me tight
With you everything seems so right
You stole my heart in just one single dayy
At night next to you is where I want to lay
I cant wait for all of our dreams to come true
I cant see myself with anyone but you
Day in a day out I long for your touch
But I know to you my words don’t mean much
Please believe me when I say this
You are the only one I want to kiss
We have been down some hard roads
And through things nobody knows
Now we are stronger than before
Being with you is the only thing I know for sure
Growing up and getting older
I know ill always be able to cry on your shoulder
You are my hero, and my best friend
Together until the very end.

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