I Want To Dream

July 31, 2008
By Gabriel Bump, Chicago, IL

What dreams I have of you tonight

Blue-eyed America the beautiful dressed in red and white
Tears blurring the letters you write
Notes to me chiseled in concrete
While passersby stop to look at me read the street
Cause I’m loving living
And I got to share the feeling
While I toss and turn my covers
Thinking about sleep and how I use to love her
I wanted more
Then just closing my eyes escaping my troubled mind
Leaving clouds of dust behind
While I search for words that rhyme with crime
So I can use a different word each time
I describe
Hurricane Katrina.
But Im tired of just looking
So I layed on my back, closed my eyes and took in
Images of Harlem corner cooks
Shaking hands with White House crooks
And depictions
Of people on a mission
To find dreamers like me and get em
And I had plans to leave today but I hid em
Underneath my pillow
So tonight Im making my escape.
But yea see,
I wanna dream a dream
That puts my behind the podium the Martin
Luther King spoke from
I walk up the religious steps Malcolm Little and Cassius Clay dove from
I wanna dream a dream
That lets me walk with kings
Under the shadow of Jim Crow’s wings.
I wanna see things
Reality won’t allow
I wanna get on bended knee and offer god hells rings
While I vow
Here and now
To change the world.
Cause I wanna dream for
I wanna ask freedom what the cost is
I wanna painted murals for the artless
Write sonnets for the heartless
I wanna step of the stage and hear someone scream I got this
But only after I hold the mic hostage
And do my best Geronimo Pratt impression
Cause my words are bullets and my mouths a smith and Wesson
I wanna take my ideas of change and go back in time so Nelson Mandela can bless them
Cause I wanna dream about bringing the revolution back
And then wake up and due just that
I want America to get a clue
That your gonna have to be stronger and prouder then just a few
I want to hear promises about promises were keeping
Cause I know a change come, but most likely when were sleeping

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