Bits of Friendship

July 31, 2008
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I see him while he stares at me
that little boy sits at the curb
waiting to talk to me.
He wants to be my friend,
and without knowing it
I gladly become his friend.

We spent every single moment together,
talk, play, read,
and simply just hang out.
I didn't know what this little boy could be.

It has been five years of friendship,
of sharing secrets and feelings.
Yet I know if I talk to him now,
it wouldn't be the same.
We reached the point in our friendship,
where we start to take things
to the next step.
We date, and share even more memories together.
Watching movies, taking walks, and sharing kisses,
but its so difficult
for both of us because he chose goodbye.
He said goodbye to our romance-
and he shattered my heart.
Things happen for a reason,
and I know this will forever change our friendship
but he said hello again to me,
on that same curb.
He takes my hand and makes sure I am safe.
as a friend or a boyfriend,
as long as he can be there for me,
he is still a part of me.

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