July 31, 2008
By Niki Shepherd, Pierceton, IN

Get out of my life, Get out of my head

I wish you were gone, I wish I was dead

I wish I was dead so I wouldn't care

After everything I realized this life isn't fair

It's so far from fair cuz I treated you right

You were cheater by day and cheater by night

At night I would lay alone in a realm of deep sleep

As you were breaking the promises you never could keep

You lied to my face, you completely broke my heart

It was once filled with love until you ripped it apart

It kept bleeding LOVE, but only for you

I kept running back, I didn't know what to do

I thought you would treat me right once and for all

Little did I know that thats the hardest I would fall

You kept pushing me down and thats where I stayed

It was so cold but that's where I layed

I layed there so long, I thought I was dead

But I prayed to the Lord and got up instead

I stood up tall and shouted your name

Cuz it was you I thought I should blame

But in this story it wasn't you after all

It was myself I should blame for taking this fall

For in the beginning I should have said no

But I thought you would change, I thought you would grow

I thought you could change into someone for me

Now I realize thats someone you never will be

I'm sick of your lies, I'm sick of this mess

All this was was a bunch of uneeded stress

But it's all over now, I'm done, I'm moving on

Now that I'm myself, You're already gone.

The author's comments:
I'm just your average teenager who fell in love...but it was true love...and after everything i was cheated on, disrespected, and was left heart broken..if you have felt this pain I hope you get the courage to just move on..don't stick around. and i know it will be the hardest thing but..just tell them to go eat poop and get lost =) Because you deserve better!! Never think you don't!

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