What Would You Say

July 31, 2008
By Maghan Smith, Pauline, SC

What would you say,
If I told you all my secrets?
Would you wonder, give me curious looks?
Or would you tell me all of yours?

What would you say,
If you looked into my eyes and saw what I see?
If you saw the depths to which I can go,
Would you want to come too,
Or would you turn away from my eyes?

If you knew my path in life,
Would your feet follow mine?
If you heard what I had to say,
Would you tune in and listen?

If I wanted to kiss the sky,
Or write a novel with you as a character,
Or sail around the moon in a little blue sailboat,
Or buy a time machine from a magician,

Would you let me?
Would you help me?
Would you encourage me?
What would you say?

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