July 31, 2008
By Maghan Smith, Pauline, SC

I don't tell you all my secrets and my fears,
Even though you beg to be let in on the mystery of my mind,
But you understand me anyways.

You hate the taste of coffee that lingers on my mouth,
But you kiss me anyways.

You know that all my promises and pinky-swears mean nothing,
That I'm only saying it because you want me to,
But you have learned to believe me anyways.

I love that you listen anyways
To the words that spill unheded,
To the too-far dreams,
And to the ridiculous future plans,
Even when you don't have to.

You tell me that its all going to be ok,
Because you know you have to be the strong one.
I need to hear the words, and you say them for me
Even when you know I'll worry anyways.

I may not be perfect,
I'm hard to handle,
Frustrating, difficult, and unpredictable,
You know all my insecurities,
But I know that you love me... anyways.

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