It’s a Bitter sweet taste

July 31, 2008
By Faith Flanagan, Queen Creek, AZ

It was difficult to watch you
Walk in my house
All upset about something I did

Your eyes are shot blood red
You look scared,
As I taste this bitter feeling

I blink my eyes
To see you gone
I scream your name
But receive only silence.

The bitter taste strongly grows
As the lights to my house goes out,
The music I make with your name
Draws out all silence that was left

Sharp pain flows threw me,
I flip around, to find you
Right in my face with a grieve expression

I belch your name one last time
The pain returns, as I run into a wall
Tripping on objects, I run for the door
The bitter taste increased so much,
It's flowing down my face.

The pain shoot up my spine
As I howl for help
The light return, to see you
As you and I, drenched in a gleaming dark color
I choke one countless things, unable to belch
My fear

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