Night Like This

July 31, 2008
By Leslie Hull, Rainbow City, AL

How can one sleep on a night like this?
The moon shines brightly against the empty sky.
Not a cloud to be spotted, not even a star.
Creatures of the night make not a sound.
Angels of the night dance their dance flawlessly in silence.
How can one sleep on a night so quiet and still?

Half way across the world a poor farm boy stands
In a puddle of mud next to his family with a huge smile.
All he needs is by his side. His life depends on this
But even with diseases crawling up his legs,
His smile never fades. Though tomorrow he may fall ill
He is thankful he has seen the day to swim in that muddy pond.

Alone in a hospital somewhere she stands
Next to her dying friend. Not another person will mourn this loss,
Not another person will care. From her side she will not leave
And continues to repeat, "'Till death do us part."
The sweet young girl will soon be widowed, but not much longer will she suffer, because too soon will she follow her beloved.

A rich boy sleeps a restless slumber in his silk sheets.
With no problems but his own to be bothered, he will not rise 'till late.
He, like so many others, is dreaming of better fortune.
While I lay awake, so proud of what I've got.
All things but one is clear to me.
How can one sleep on a night like this?

The author's comments:
One night, after completing a French project on Cambodia, it could not sleep. I kept thinking about those little kids with nothing, who couldn't go to school, and who just loved to play in unsanitary waters for fun. The image was depressing. Then I though about how I was warm and cozy in a big bed ith clean sheets, air conditioning everything. It was from that moment, I realized how very lucky I was for everything I had in life, and I hope you do too.

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This article has 1 comment.

Anna said...
on Aug. 13 2008 at 12:27 am
So good Leslie! So very deep, too, it really rang true. I'm impressed with how well this is written, too!


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