Haunted Soul

July 31, 2008
By Emily Parker, South Salem, NY

Ever since that fatal day,
Nothing has been the same.
I try to ignore it,
I try to move on.
But no matter what I do,
It comes back and
Clings on to me,
Refusing to let go.
It whispers in my ear,
Reminding me of what happened.
My heart grieves.
But this is nothing compared
To the guilt I feel.
It runs its course throughout
My body, leaving a trail of
Remorse behind.
I would do anything within
My power to make this
Feeling go away.
Every time I think I hear
Her voice, or see her face,
I cringe with fear of being caught.
Even when I sleep,
I am haunted,
My dreams slowly turning to nightmares.
When I think of it,
I get horrified at myself,
Terrified of myself.
I try to put it to rest,
But I will never be freed
Of this anxiety,
Feeding off of my sorrow.
Nothing is the same.
Will ever be the same.
I will be this walking piece of
Regret for the rest of my life.

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