July 31, 2008
By Emily Parker, South Salem, NY

I have some imperfections
But it isn’t fair for you
To collect them all and
Throw them in my face.
I’ve tried to be better but
You haven’t given me a chance.
I was all alone, no one to turn to.
It is your fault.
Your fault I hate myself.
You told me why I was a horrible person,
And made me think I didn’t deserve to be here.
Everyone deserves a chance,
Everyone deserves a life.
I cry myself to sleep,
I cry myself awake.
I never have a moment’s peace,
With out your words piercing through
My mind, my heart.
You made me question every move I make,
Every word I say, and I am done.
I’ve practiced what I was going to say
To you when I saw you, and all I came up
With was this: you told me I was awful,
Which makes you just as awful.

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