The Bravest One

July 31, 2008
By Brandi Jackson, Kewanee, IL

He laid down his gun
And looked up
At all the frightened faces
'I'm done with this', he said
'I hate the thought of men
dying at my feet.
I surrender'
That man had a pure soul
To fight for his country
But yet not kill a single man
He was the bravest
Of any of them
The looked at him
They tried their hardest
To make him fight,
But he simply refused
He told the soldiers,
Either let me go freely
Or kill me right here.
The just looked at each other
and then finally said,
'Get out of here'
So he walked away from battle,
From the killing,
And from the violence.

The author's comments:
One of my teachers has a son in the army. I wrote this poem for her and her son. She loved it.

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