July 31, 2008
By Emily Parker, South Salem, NY

I look in the mirror and see a monster.
What have I turned into?
Nothing turns out the way you want to.
I learned that the hard way.
The perfect life belonged to me.
In one swift movement, it was all taken away.
The choices I made, the actions I took,
Turned out to be the wrong ones,
While here I was thinking they were the perfect ones.
I was surrounded by love, laughter, life.
Now I am in a dark hole, with nothing.
Not even a glimpse of hope.
I tried to turn everything around.
But everyone saw right through me.
I wasn’t always such a monster.
I used to be pure, kind.
Now I have nothing
Am nothing.
I have changed, no one believes me.
They think I am still who I was.
Not anymore.
I am different.
Now I just have to get them to see that.

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