Climbing Stairs

July 31, 2008
By Anonymous

Freedom, I been climbing stairs,
Thinking I be soon reaching you,
I’ve only stopped to think if the old wood cares,
To be dyed bright with my blue blood, blue.

I’ve climbed high and low,
Not once looking below,
Just stopped once or twice to catch breath,
To prevent me from going to death.

Sometimes I was near to given up,
I thought I would never reach you,
But I knew I had to, I couldn’t give up,
Maybe I couldn’t, but I was sure to make it true.

Blood, what you call it,
It dripped from my worn heals,
But me, I didn’t stop to sit,
Didn’t stop to eat me my meals.

I went numb, and cold,
I went hungry and old,
But still I been brave and bold,
I’m meeting you like I been told.

Sometimes that old eye of mine closes,
But I’m still on my feet climbing,
Sometimes I look down to see about my toes,
That foot of mine runs like it was on timing.

Once, only once I stopped to think if you was true,
Me, dumb like that, I start climbing again.
If you weren’t true, well I’d say the sky wouldn’t be blue,
So me, I went on climbing ignoring that pain.

I see light, yes it be light alright,
I be climbing faster than ever,
To see if you freedom I been waiting forever,
Then that light be so bright, so bright.

There I think you be it,
I see a big blue shining and all,
Then there be a golden chair to sit,
And I be meeting you after all.

That light brought from heaven,
Those feet freezing now warm,
A bright blue raven,
That flies me out of harm.

Now me, me the climber, me,
Well, today I be free.
Today my climbing days are ended,
Today I be where the road isn’t bended.

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