I Lost A Friend, But Life Goes On

July 31, 2008
By Sania Tharani, Lawrenceville, GA

He said he needed a friend, someone to rely on.
I offered my hand and said go on, grab on.
He took my hand and trusted me to be his friend.
That day on, we been tighter than anything.
Now it seems that we'd still be close,
Talking nonstop, completing each other's thoughts.
But it's getting hard for me to maintain
Such a long-term friendship with absolutely no games.
I need some fun, none of this seriousness we have.
He said I've changed, maybe I'm not who he thought I am.
The thing is, I haven't changed one bit.
I realize that we weren't exactly meant
To be main components in each other's lives.
It's best we just move on and forget that time
We were the only ones who could understand
What was going on in one another's minds.
I know I sound harsh and completely heartless,
But come on, let's face it.
You no longer consider me a friend,
And I no longer want to see your face,
So we can agree that you and me
Are no longer an us.

Life goes on, and we continue to live.
We take breaths and make new friends.
We gain new perspectives on life,
And the past is behind us,
So to the future, I raise my eyes,
This is to living life.

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