Out Of Place

July 31, 2008
By Ashley Burris, Plesant Lake, IN

I shouldn't be hear I don't belong surrounded by people but
yet feel so alone. I am gone I never belonged, not hear. I
know were I should be but thinking of it only worsens my
misery. It's like I took 5 steps forward and 10 steps back
who knows what I lack. I am not perfect but nether are you.
Your not who you use to be. But it seems I am my own worst
enemy. I am a failure I pay for how I use to be, its not me.
It's what you see no matter what I do you made up your mind
the first time you saw me who I was...well your wrong. Its
time for us to move on! And know I am gone. I am stuck you live on wile I parish hear. You never cared even when I was scared.
My life is a delay and for this I must pay. I never knew
that you could be so cruel but now I do. Now you don't want
to be my friend when we use to be the best. Now I can't
stand to look at you not that you ever new but this is for
you and how are friendship never grew.

The author's comments:
Poetry is my passion and its what i do and if you lke it thank you and if you don't thank you because there is always room for inprovement...

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