July 31, 2008
By courts44 BRONZE, Lakeville, Minnesota
courts44 BRONZE, Lakeville, Minnesota
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it's 2 a.m.
and i can't sleep
i miss you baby
all i want is to hear your voice
hear the way you whisper so gently,
" i love you..."
but i know you're far away
sound asleep in your bed
and how i wish i could be there
wrapped up in blankets next to you
it's the safest place i know...

and i keep staring at the clock
waiting for the hours to tick away
waiting for the light of dawn
to signal the beginning of another day
and i know you'll be rising early
you'll pull on your jeans
drink three cups of coffee
and be off to work again...
i lie in bed
thinking of you
wondering just what you're thinking too...

it's insane how i can't stop smiling
when you pop into my head at random moments
i get this warm buzz inside
as i imagine what you're doing right now
or seeing the way you look at me
baby you can't hide those eyes
they spill your feelings right at your feet
you reach for my hand
and once again i'm back where i belong
here in your arms
so tender and so strong...

do you know how much you mean to me?
the way you kiss my nose when i'm angry
and let me bury my head in your shoulder and cry
the way you call me when you're on the road
just to tell me you miss me
and i love your fierce protection
how you say you'll draw blood
if anyone tries to hurt me
and on a day when you can't save the world
i want you to know you've saved mine
and in one moment i fall for you all over again...

but it's still dark outside
a few hours remain before morning's light
and my eyes grow heavy
as i am carried away
on dreams of you
i see you standing
in a field of emerald green
your face beaming with laughter
as you beckon me to follow
and as i do i hear a whisper on the wind,
"baby, wake up...wake up..."

The author's comments:
This is for anyone who's ever been in love, or possibly wonders what it's like. The feelings, thoughts, and emotions that are all wrapped up and intertwined with this four-letter cannonball we call 'love' are actually quite fantastic.

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