September 8, 2012
You will see someday. One day you’ll realize just how much i cared about you. And the moment you do, you’ll also realize that i was yours to hold. And you pushed me away. You saw how i needed someone and you weren’t there to catch me when i fell. You let me hit the ground. And you will realize that what we had could have been amazing if only you weren’t so scared to show me that i mattered to you. But for now you continue to ignore me, forget me, leave me, and hurt me. But eventually….. one day i know you will care. And one morning you will wake up and i wont be waiting for you. I won’t be wasting my time crying over you. I won’t be laying in bed at night feeling like a worthless, insignificant, burden. I wont wonder why you didnt call or why you left without saying goodbye. One day you will wake up and it. Will. Hit you. That you lost me.

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