September 8, 2012
By daRklovelyblue17 GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
daRklovelyblue17 GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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"Where words fail, music speaks."

"I'm trying to believe in things that I don't know[...]That love can kill the pain, that truth is never vain, it turns strangers into lovers, and enemies to brothers"

You will see someday. One day you’ll realize just how much i cared about you. And the moment you do, you’ll also realize that i was yours to hold. And you pushed me away. You saw how i needed someone and you weren’t there to catch me when i fell. You let me hit the ground. And you will realize that what we had could have been amazing if only you weren’t so scared to show me that i mattered to you. But for now you continue to ignore me, forget me, leave me, and hurt me. But eventually….. one day i know you will care. And one morning you will wake up and i wont be waiting for you. I won’t be wasting my time crying over you. I won’t be laying in bed at night feeling like a worthless, insignificant, burden. I wont wonder why you didnt call or why you left without saying goodbye. One day you will wake up and it. Will. Hit you. That you lost me.

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