The One Song

July 30, 2008
By Anonymous

The One Song

The one song
Goes on and on
Yes one song
And on and on

Until the day
You look out at dawn
And see your song
Is almost gone

Yes one song,
It never dies
But now you’ve seen through
All the lies

Yet when you had your nighttime cries
You’d hear you song
And close your eyes

You’d shut them tight
And listen hard
With all your might
Though you were scarred

You’d pray that night
You’d pray that day
You’d pray You’d finally find a way

To hold on tight
With all your might
You may finally find
That glowing light

And maybe finally
Though long overdue
That glowing light
Would find you too

And with your song
Your one true song
You’d gather hope
And you’d feel strong

You’d feel as if you were on wings
And free of all Life’s empty things

But what to do…
Yes what to do…

When that one song
That one true song

The one you used
To lean upon
That raised you up
And kept you strong,

What happens when that song
Is gone?

Cuz I have seen through all the lies
And I have had my nighttime cries
So tell me now, right before my eyes
What happens when my one song dies?

The one song
Goes on and on
Yes one song
And on and on

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on Aug. 16 2008 at 2:37 pm
This poem is truly powerful. It shows an array of emotions in every stanza, is artisticly created, causes you to think, and really digs up emotions in even the most closed off of people. Bravo.

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