July 30, 2008
You can save your apologies,
I'm no longer buying into your fantasy.
Go ahead and take a bow
The scene of deceit and trickery is over now.
It's a shame that I didn't see right through your mask.
All you did was put on an act,
Rehearsing your script,
Doing your best to perfect it,
Putting on an outstanding performance
With no need for improvement.
Listen closely - do you hear the crowd's applause?
You hear nothing - perhaps a temporary pause?
Listen intently - do you hear that?
Cries and the cracking of the heart you broke in half?
Now you notice the pain of your own,
When you look in the audience and you're all alone.
Look to your left - karma's about to provide.
Look to your right - love is on my side.
You sucked me into your game of make - believe,
Made me think we were meant to be,
Made me live a lie.
Now it's your turn to cry.
I'm walking out of this show,
I was the co - star and I didn't even know.

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