The World That Still Exists Today

September 9, 2012
By Aveila SILVER, Columbia, Maryland
Aveila SILVER, Columbia, Maryland
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"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view . . . until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”
Atticus Finch, TKAM

Ignorance here and there
Pursuit of happiness is all but fair
We live in a world, financially starving
All this god damn money is overwhelming
Discrimination against the Muslims
All done by the same American hoodlums
In airports now, all are suspicioned
Yet there is one particular group that falls under national security's intuition
Assuming everyone one of them is a terrorist
Somewhere to have their hatred focused
And the semantics to get everyone identified
You try not to label, but from the system, you'll never hide
White and Black, Latino and Asian, Pacific Islander and even Native American
So many ridiculous categories for us to be placed in
A separate class for different groups of the human race
And yet I can't help but feel out of place
Choose one, choose two, choose three if you must
Underlying segregation isn't modest
Colleges and specified opportunities for certain groups
The idea for equality is certainly a dupe
The past is once again in the present
The tables are merely turned in the opposite direction
And what about having liberty
Was it a misunderstanding to believe that was free?
Social networking, discreet stalking
Eyes like a hawk, people are forever watching
No longer exists this freedom of speech
Say something wrong and you'll be impeached
Death threats being made to the unpopular
Just because they're not your favorite singer
Pregnant bodies and young faces
So quickly taking their mother's places
Abortion is wrong, an egg is still living
Options weighed on someone elses opinion
Just to see if making a choice for yourself should be your decision
Capitalist are forever skeptic
Saying socialist are the new communist
Video games, tv, all is violence
Coming from the throats of neglectful parents
Do what you love
But it's no longer realistic
To take a job that won't pay
The cost of inflation, rising by the day
"We can't destroy the meaning of marriage!"
A man and a man aren't meant to be together
Meanwhile the traditional folks disavow the meaning of forever
Racial profiling is a fail-safe method
Just don't mention it to the guy falsely accused of stealing
All the wealth goes to one percent of American
And by the way we're not really taxing them
Reality shows, paying people to party
True art and trained actors are needed hardly
Students in debt just out of college
All for the financial cost of knowledge
People dying, others kidnapped from the streets
Pessimism has optimism beat
And here they say we're at the end
2012 December 21st is just around the bend
A country tossed, a country turned
A country that is slowly beginning to burn
Tension here tension there
No masseuse could ease the stress in the air
And yet in confidence we continue to pull through
Because as Americans that's what we do
The horizon beyond seems too narrow
But hope often brings a brighter tomorrow

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