Broken Promises

July 30, 2008
By Anonymous

We've been through this scene too many times
Change the script and rewrite the lines.
My heart has been crushed over and over again,
And I'm just about tired of this happening.
I give my all to end up with nothing.
All these replays are becoming haunting.
I know that not every guy is the same
But so far, all the good guys aren't as good as they claim.
I put up my guard so I don't fall to the ground
And the minute I let it down - no one is around.
What happened to the promises that you made?
All the love and care you supposedly gave?
What happened to "I'm different, I'm not like him."
I turn around only to find out that you are just like all of them.
You told me you were going to be there, so where are you now?
Talking to this other girl that you didn't think I knew about?
Out of all the people to break my heart,
I didn't think it would be you.
After everything we've been through,
All the times I was there for you throughout your girl problems,
I was always there to help you solve them.
And this is the thanks I get?
This is the price I pay for losing your little bet?
You said that when another breaks my heart, you're going to be there,
To hold me tight and wipe away my tears.
But you lied to me and you hurt me.
I'm not mad but I'm disappointed about what was supposed to be.

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