July 30, 2008
By krystal martinez, Albuquerque, NM

Don’t presume everything you hear is the truth.
They call me crazy just cause’ I have a few more problems then the average person. Don’t pretend to know me, or that you even care.
Don’t try to teach me about your twisted opinions of whats right and wrong.
You judge and criticize me because you too insecure to admit you can relate to these words who make me who I am.
These words that keep me sane in witch I cling to.
I’m tired of this life I’ve been living for far too long.
You call me crazy, use me to talk to yourself , but you’re the one who drove me to this alleged insanity.
And although my shrink calls me clinically insane just cause I don’t share the same senile opinions on things like suicidal hate.
Do you get some kind of kick out of making me and them feel like ***. I’m tired of your lectures of what I should be and the American dream.
I don’t understand why a simple “hello” always ends in a fight.
You always make it a point, to tell your friends I have mental problems, but your then one with all the problems.
Your so contorted deep down inside your un a where of the truth.
You criticize and ridicule me, drive me to the edge push me over the bridge, drive that blade to my wrist.
Then you take away my high give me a shoulder in witch I can cry it’s a never ending circle of your hate and lies.
I hope these words leak from your unconsciousness plaguing your mind until the only question left is, why.
Why the explicit grotesque meaning of my words carry on and on.
Why your love was like a hoax a retribution I don’t deserve.
Why you pretended to care perplexed me from the start.
You call me behaviorally challenged say I need “help” for my problems.
Trying to make you understand me is a futile hopeless case.
I’m tired of being the one you can yell at that wont yell back.
I’m tired of falling to pieces every time your around, but never once did you bother to pick them up.

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