Cold As Stone

July 30, 2008
Come on Baby,
tell me again
Rip my heart out,
Shred my soul,
just tell me again.

Tell me you like me,
oh pretty please baby,
I want a good laugh.

Tell me im beautiful,
Tell me I shouldn't cry,
Come on baby,
I know you want to.

Spit out those cruel words,
Whisper them in my ear,
Just so you can not say them again.

I bet thats what you wanted,
like your girls weak?
Like my feelings numb?
Enjoy my pain?
do you enjoy the wounds?
The blood that pours from my soul?

I betcha do.
I bet you like all that.
Don't you?
Like to see me suffer for likeing you,
Isn't that right baby?

Come on,
Don't lie,
You enjoy this.
This is a game to you.
I'm just a toy.
A thing.
A pocession.
Something to throw away when your done playing.

I know you.
I know what you're about.
I know your friends,
and your mind.
I know your smile,
and your cruel laugh.
I love your eyes.
don't care,
do you?

My heart only beat for you,
My heart bled for you,
but you stopped that.
You killed it.
I hope you enjoy stone baby,
thats all your gonna get.

I'm just a trophie on the shelf in room,
Sitting there,
looking out at the world.
Cold as ice,
still as stone.

I hope you love the person you created,
the twisted face in the mirror,
the eyes that watch you from the shelf.
Do you love me?
Do you love me now baby?

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