Your All Inside

July 30, 2008
By Eliza Rooney, Louisburg, KS

Your name resounds in my head
Your membrance I can't compete
The true belief
If you will not be mine
I will surely decline
Upon everything in my life
You are by far my most dating strife
This is what i am- Numbed to the head
totally dazed, but now complete
You have set me off my insecure feet
Out of reality and false desire
These memories are not a liar
Flooding my mind as a continuing shrine
So attached with a love so entwined
From splings to new bloom,
Our love will never ruin
Please, come forth to me, another embrace
I need you now, with side my pace
Love, forget the past
For we have found something that truley lasts

The author's comments:
My works are all about love and decieving and just the word love in general. I'm a 15 year old teen and are one of the pretty girls in high school that get hurt a lot and find themselves in love often. If i didn't have these incidents I wouldn't have the fuel to write so many poems. In a way sometimes I don't mind getting hurt or being in love for a while, because then I have something to write about.

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