Farewell Is Here

September 9, 2012
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I wonder how that day will be-
When destiny will separate them and me.
Remember I will, the sound of the ringing bell,
Even after the day of my farewell.

Is this how the story will end-
even when we don't intend?
To my friends, how will I tell?
Closer are the days, to my farewell.

But it is no point to further talk;
For time will run out of clock;
Forget, I wouldn't this sight and smell,
Even after the day of my farewell.

I'm ready to go down on my knees;
But destiny goes again, as it will please.
But to my friends, I will wish them well;
Even after the day of my farewell

All this time I sit and sigh;
I sometimes go numb and begin to cry.
Remain in my heart forever, I foretell.
Before, on and after my farewell.

Will all our promises go in vain?
Are we ever going to meet again?
I wouldn't have anything to say or sell;
On that day of my farewell.

That day, this chapter of life will forever close,
This is what destiny chose,
This turn of life didn't go so well,
Since it had been the day of my farewell...

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